Tuesday, April 24, 2012

GLPS April Technology & Media Newsletter

For our newsletter this month, we decided to create a short animated video.  As we can't share links in a video, short descriptions of the video segments (including links) are listed below the video.

Note: For our video newsletter this month, we used GoAnimate to create our video.  If you are unable to view the video below, please click here.

Dan Townsend, District Technology Coordinator

As educators, it is difficult sometimes to spend a large amount of time searching the web for tools that you can use in the classroom. Apple’s App Store does a great job at delivering educational apps in a simple to use interface. What if you don’t have an Apple Device though, Edshelf is a great alternative for you either way.

Edshelf  is a directory of websites, mobile apps, and desktop software that are rated & reviewed by educators, for educators. They decrease the friction of using and procuring effective technology into the classroom.”

Some apps have prices associated with them but there are tons of free apps and sites organized for your classroom use. Check it out and see if it works for you. You can even filter by grade level, subject or platform. Go ahead...find tools... and share the ones you like with colleagues!

Sarah Wood, Technology & Media Integration Specialist
Like I mentioned in the last newsletter, I would like to share some of the features of the 21 Things for Students program.  One thing that can be helpful for you and students is social bookmarking, or in other words, saving your bookmarks online instead of to a specific computer.  Tools such as Delicious or Diigo can help you keep your bookmarks organized and allow your students to access teacher-selected websites easily.
Also, if you haven't signed up for Rebel U yet, please do so very soon.  Spots are filling up quickly.  Registration should be completed by the middle of May.

Kelly McGee, District Media Specialist & Technology Integration Support
Check out my online picture book at tinyurl.com/mediaguru1 using www.storybird.com.  I've created recommendations for action/suspense books for middle and high school students.  These are books, that I'm positive if you pick up and read the first couple of chapters, you'll have to finish!

Jason Faasse, Audio/Visual Technician
A good pair of headphones or a quality headset is hard to come by, that is why this weeks edition of the AV item of the month is featuring both!
With the increasing amount of laptops, netbooks, and other devices in our district we are able to create more learning opportunities by allowing students to listen to things on the web.   Headphones and headsets would eliminate the possibility of disrupting others while students are learning online. *If you are interested in getting new headphones, please contact your building administrator*

Recommended Headphones:

    Jesse Burrows, Network Administrator
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    If you’ve ever been the victim of Malware, Here are 8 Best Practices to avoid Malware.

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