Thursday, March 22, 2012

GLPS March Technology & Media Newsletter

Our Technology & Media Team receives many questions about the status of projects, how to use specific resources and tools, and for things such as recommendations for technology purchases.  In efforts of trying to keep everyone in the district on the same page with what we are doing, our team decided to create a short monthly newsletter that contains updates, tips and resources for staff in our district.

It is our hope to provide our monthly newsletter in different formats to show you different tools and hopefully give you ideas for things you can do in your classroom or with your students.  Our first newsletter was made using an online comic generator, was saved as a .pdf, and then uploaded to Issuu to create an interactive "magazine-style" newsletter.

If you are unable to see the newsletter below, please click here.

Please feel free to leave a comment for us and share what you think!


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